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I thought I grew up as an American girl as I excelled in school, earned citizenship awards and often heard approval by educators. It wasn't until the age of 16 when I saw my peers congratulating each other on their first job and driver's license that I realized I was different and did not have those same rights. I could not drive or work legally, I could not travel and I was at threat of being deported to a country I did not know. At the age of 17, it became my mission to share my story as an undocumented, U.S raised student. Much has happened since, including the introduction of the DACA program in 2012, which finally allowed close to 800,000 people raised in the U.S, including myself, to have an identity, work legally, obtain a driver's license and not fear imminent deportation. I was able to live a "normal" life for a few years and tried to catch up on all that I missed, including graduating college, exploring career goals and living without fear. When I received the opportunity to travel to my birthplace after 25 years, I decided to make this film. The 2016 election happened less than a month after my return, and now, we are facing the loss of our rights, again - please read below and help us make this film a reality so our stories and our truths can be heard. Please donate, share, and call your member of Congress to pass permanent protections for dreamers.

The DACA program was rescinded in September 2017. 800,000 young immigrants who grew up in the United States as the only home they know are losing their legal status and protections. These include teachers, doctors, business owners, parents and many others who are American in every other way, except on paper. All I wanted growing up was to make my parents proud, stay out of trouble, be law-abiding and progress in my life and career. I was not given the option when I found out I did not have an identity, which closed many doors for me while realizing the real dangers I faced. This is a story that reflects an extremely important and defining issue in the United States and want to educate others so we may progress as a country, learn to embrace our rights, use our political voice and enhance our global compassion. Thank you for your donation and support!

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