Flicks4Change is an artistic community for social change.

We give filmmakers a platform to have their artistic & humanitarian voices heard.

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We are Flicks4Change: a community dedicated to using our film festival to create meaningful social change. Our mission is threefold:

1) Give filmmakers a platform to have their artistic and humanitarian voices heard;

2) Inspire activism through year-round audience engagement with access to our content, events, and a forum to discuss the issues; and

3) Donate a portion of our proceeds to the filmmakers, and to worthy non profits that successfully create change for the causes most important to our audience and filmmakers.

F4C is an interactive film festival with a social conscience. We screen captivating films from around the globe that either feature or include a pressing social issue facing mankind today. In addition to screening films, we give back. In our first year we set aside 50% of our profits to give to charity. We also have discussion sessions after each screening with the filmmakers, celebrity activists, heads of non-profits, and with you, the audience. Our LA festival is the banner event for our community. Guests can arrive early for a red carpet welcome, interactive exhibits from socially conscious sponsors including virtual reality, live music, games, and food trucks. Then at 7:30 each night, we screen a unique selection of the most impactful and entertaining films from our pool of submissions, followed by a lively discussion session. Stay for live music, food and drinks, and a chance to meet and talk with the filmmakers and activists.

F4C places a premium on interactivity:

1) There will be audience choice awards for at least two categories;

2) Everyone that submits a film or buys a ticket will get a vote in where we donate our proceeds;

3) Audience participation in the discussion section;

4) Audience vote on which socially conscious themes F4C features in its programming lineup through social media and our website;

5) On-site engagement with our socially conscious sponsors; and

6) F4C will be adding films we screened at last year's festival to our YouTube channel and creating an app so that our audience can engage with our content and themes all year.

Our plans for long-term growth include expanding our community to other cities through film festivals and other events in support of film and music that motivate positive change and activism. While the popularity and success of our events will hopefully create buzz that will help us grow our audience, we want to allocate funds and staff to growing our social media presence, audience engagement with our app, and viewership of our YT channel. Our strength and impact will come from the size of our community and their year-round involvement.

Thank you for your support!

~ Flicks4Change team

For more information, visit www.flicks4change.org