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What if super powers arose from mental illness?

MANIA™ is an epic new science fiction series set in the near future where the clashing of advanced technology and human psychology lead certain individuals to realize super powers from their mental disorder. We are in production on our first graphic novel, MANIA: Infancy, which is comprised of six dynamic comic book issues. The first three issues The Shift, The Light, and The Faces are OUT NOW! We require financial support to launch a powerful targeted marketing campaign to reach a global audience, and ultimately finish the last three issues (The Flames, The Child, and The System) of MANIA: Infancy.

The movement behind MANIA joins many other passionate individuals and organizations devoted to 'end the stigma' behind mental illness and offers an innovative solution to the problem. Our creative and layered storytelling approach delivers messages like "Differences are Your Strengths" which are encoded in the Art which we call Mindful Entertainment. Through the artistic intent of Mindful Entertainment, MANIA will be a facilitator of leading edge ideas, energetic inspiration, and fresh perspectives that will empower the mental health of our audience. We truly believe that when an individual no longer views their deficits and weaknesses from a negative perspective, but instead from a positive light, their whole reality shifts and the planet is uplifted. We all have super powers ready to be unleashed.


We have devoted a lot of passionate time and energy to create a strong foundation for a franchise with unlimited potential. We have plans in the ready for more graphic novels, films, tv shows, video games, VR experiences, and MORE. MANIA has been designed from the start as TRANSMEDIA platform which will utilize multiple mediums to tell a wildly entertaining and congruent narrative that will enthrall audiences all around the world. Your donation ensures we can grow and expand our work at an accelerated rate until we hit our point of sustainable success.


Jeremy Lasman

Jeremy is a visionary creative artist, scientist and transformational magician who mentors driven individuals to unleash the fullest potential of their passion and genius. He is a big picture dreamer whose leading edge theories of the quantum imagination provide technical support for humanity's evolutionary shift into a new paradigm of abundance.

Leon Conliff

Leon Conliff was trained as a playwright by some of the greatest minds in the world, but after a couple of job transitions he eventually found himself settling in happily as a novelist. Outside of writing he enjoys crafting props, sword fighting, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. His one major influence would be animation; specifically the worlds of Anime and Disney.

Teddy Wright

1/4 Mongolian Death Worm, 1/4 Ninja/Pirate Hybrid Wizard, and 1/2 Son of Kong, Teddy Wright IV is the fourth in a line of Teddy Wrights that goes back almost five generations. With the dry cool wit of an action hero, Teddy enjoys fighting for truth and justice... and bringing an unnecessary amount of humor into all situations. Teddy is an Art Person.

James Sparkman

James is an illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles. He graduated from Art Institute of California - Orange County in 2009. Today he works in illustration, graphic design, and comics. Lover of story-telling, nature, and self-improvement. Avid gamer. Dog person. Husband to a loving wife.