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About The Film

The film 'Climate Warriors' offers solutions: CLEAN WATER, CLEAN AIR, CLEAN SOIL and 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY. Support us in bringing this film to movie theatres, schools and NGOs, and in creating workshops and panels on CLIMATE CHANGE at the grassroots level.

The Climate Warriors

Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former governor of the U.S.-State of California, a passionate advocate of environmental protection, is portrayed as one of the political protagonists. He is juxtaposed with President Trump who cares nothing about the future of the planet. He is not afraid to stand up to Donald Trump and he gives hope around the world to everyone fighting this battle.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is one of 21 youth plaintiffs suing the US federal government for the right to cleanair, clean water, and a healthy future. He is a 17-year-old indigenous climate activist, hip-hop artist, and powerful voice on the front lines of a global youth-led environmental movement.

Kyla Peck spokesperson for mom's clean airforce, 1,000,000 moms working to clean up air pollution.

Meet other climate warriors like you in the film.


The film offers multiple technical and simple solutions. These new technologies are explained with beautiful pictures. Climate Warriors has a clear message: a complete turnaround in energy policy towards 100% renewables is possible and it can be achieved much faster than its opponents would have you believe. We need to truly want it and fight for it. With a strong story and breathtaking pictures, this film offers insight into how the renewable energy revolution can be achieved and gives concrete examples of what it will look like.

More About The Film

"Climate Warriors" focuses on renewable energy and the issues connected with the people affected by climate change, and most importantly the need to resist fossil fuels and transition to 100% clean energy. "Climate Warriors" is a documentary inspiring change, it is a general Call to Action: personally, nationally and globally, to bring climate change to a halt.

Moving the United States and the world towards 100% renewable energy, including the use of wind power and solar power, does not require a miracle. We have everything we need to discard fossil fuels. All we need is for individuals and organizations to join the rest of the world in actively bringing about a cleaner and more stable future for the next generations to come. To quote Morgan Freeman: "We have everything we need to wake up to a different kind of world...".

Collective Mission

Science is showing us the irreversible and severe harm we are inflicting on our planet. Climate change is one of the several unprecedented, large-scale, environmental changes affecting our planet. And as we know, the impact of climate change may vary across different sectors of the economy in both the developed and developing world, but it affects us all the same. Year 2017 has seen several deadly natural disasters - From hurricanes to flooding, earthquakes to landslides. Hurricanes (Harvey, Irma and Maria) wrought havoc across the Caribbean islands, the Florida peninsula and the Texas coastline. While monsoon floods affected millions in south Asia, hundreds have been killed by mudslides and flooding in Sierra Leone. We strongly believe that energy transition is vital to the future of our planet.

How Can You Help?

We are still raising funds for the following:

  • Financing the participation of Arnold Schwarzenegger for the official Oscar shoot (tbc)
  • Financing the engagement of Josh Ralph as music composer and Sting for a song
  • Financing the participation of Kevin Spacey or Colin Firth as protagonist voice of the film (tbc)
  • Financing the media outreach to bring 'Climate Warriors' to the grassroots and spread the word about climate change and what can be done to stop it.

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10 $ ...... Member Climate Warriors ClubPeriodic update on production/distribution status and video memos
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