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A New Approach to a Global Peace is a movement dedicated to the worldwide creation, support and funding of peace initiatives through social impact and technology. We believe in the evolution of good. During the last election season, LiveaMoment's Founder and CEO, Deborah Greene, traveled 9,000 miles by car, visiting 40 states, interviewing hundreds of people about their inner peace

Thus the theory of "3ft of Peace" emerged. The three feet of peace speaks to our own personal three-foot circumference and the energy we each bring to the world. These collective three-foot increments can significantly alter our world in ways we may not fully comprehend. Like seeds dropped on a path. We do not always see the bloom, but it is enough to know it will sprout.

Our State of Peace Project is a documentary series, traveling with filmmakers from around the world asking: How do we each create a peaceful existence and aren't we more likely to come to each other in peace if we are experiencing more peace individually?

LiveaMoment is currently traveling the world, creating interactive, experiential activations. These global events will include Artists and musicians, panel discussions, cross-cultural dialogues, all leading us towards a greater peace.