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Artists who choose to unite in strength right now to counterbalance how fragile the state of the world is: how we treat the body, how we treat the earth, how we treat ourselves: We all have the ability to Rise. That is the beginning and end of this mission: to collectively & individually Rise.

Rise of the Butterfly is a non-profit designed to expand the reach of art as visual aid in calling out communities to direct action. Art teaches us the significance of life, the art of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. The mission of Rise of The Butterfly is to work with already established non-profits who are working diligently to protect those affected by human trafficking and environmental displacement. We are supporting two areas of focus in tandem, because we understand the importance of how you treat the most disenfranchised of people; those enslaved and exploited for their most sacred of treasures, the most private of matters, the very act that brings forth all life. We are working to illuminate pathways to transformation and rebalance for those recovering from human trafficking. While working on the micro level of one human at a time, we want to bridge the surrounding world we live in because: How we value the earth that we live on is reflected in every other element of our nature as Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.50.13 PM.pnga society. The focus of our role is to provide art and sustainable funding through arts. Our art aims to help viewers to break out of established patterns in order to view the generally accepted method and the status quo through a different perspective. The art we share bridges what we see through our direct involvement on the front lines with carefully chosen organizations, with our goal, to have the viewer see the world and their role in it, differently.

Our campaigns are based on two merits, they must be visually stunning, and nourishing to the human spirit, leading the viewer to a calm state of awe. Once they are in this mindset, they can absorb small actions and practical steps towards change. The majority of art activism focuses on the injustice at hand rather than the solutions that need to be innovated. Our intention is to beautify our world through activism that excites and energizes the viewer to be a catalyst for change rather than being a reminder of the pain that is drowning us.

Rise of the Butterfly will be offering art shows in local community spaces to add beauty to them and raise awareness for the women who fill these places. The goal is to uplift their environment and enrich the space with art and love. The nonprofit will also have the ability to create posters for other activist groups, as Love did for the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Each life has intrinsic value — Rise of the Butterfly non-profit will offer art activism: Firstly, be engaging with survivors. Layla Love will work with the people on sharing their story— through her lens and her support of the individual to document their journey. These images will be shared as awareness campaigns and to raise funds for the women in the images. Through art, we can achieve personal healing by way of visions for justice. The project promotes personal transformation, community resilience, and creating the ability to take agency around the change our world is so thirsty for. Sharing in conversation about art and the soul through the reflections captured in Love's images, the goal is to intersect and interconnect to push each other to be accountable forces for good. The mission of the Rise of the Butterfly is to elevate systems of resistance and celebrate systems of liberation.

Love shared her mission statement and vision for a better world in the epicenter of New York, in Time's Square. We must infiltrate every element of public space available from disenfranchised neighborhoods to cultural landmarks.

Rise of the Butterfly will create a stock lab of images to support vetted causes. Love's art will be available in part for street art, cyber art, in posters as backgrounds to

bring what your mission is to a cutting edge visually platform. The street art campaign will call upon the supporters of Rise of the Butterfly to create visually provocative and thought inducing art. Our goal is to bring the message that human trafficking is not just a global epidemic, but that it is also local, for all of us, each of us is living in a neighborhood where someone falls victim to trafficking. We all have a responsibility to create change. Through community organization and outreach, we will create meaningful art to uplift communities stuck in the vicious cycle of pain. Donations to the non-profit will ideally be needed only for start up costs in the first year, there after, the art organized in the first year will be able to perpetuate residual income for the ongoing work of the organization. Your donations will be used to create the first mural projects in conjunction with Voices For Freedom, a nonprofit funded by Love's dear friend Peggy Callahan.

Our vision is to launch a street art activist project, a wearable art campaign, and create the infrastructure and platform for perpetual growth and sustainability. Our hope is to be able to fully support visual and financial aid to chosen groups after the first year of production. The final tier of fundraising is a series of limited edition arts available by Love whose proceeds will go directly to supporting chosen causes.

Mural project on 835 N La Brea Street in Los Angeles featuring Love's designs. The mural reads: "Nurture Dreams with consistency, give care to the details and love to every element."

Our vision is to launch a street art activist project, a wearable art campaign, and create the infrastructure and platform for perpetual growth and sustainability. Our hope is to be able to fully support visual and financial aid to chosen groups after the first year of production. The final tier of fundraising is a series of limited edition arts available by Love whose proceeds will go directly to supporting chosen causes.

Underwater coral installation on The Big Island of Hawaii. Creating coral reefs is a practical solution to combating ocean acidification, creates natural draw for tourism and animal attraction in a more sustainable and artful way than normal reefs. Funding and design are underway and the team working on this has been established. Layla is the primary artist and art director and has created a stellar team with Max Lemier as the head design artist.

As money funnels in from her publications and your generous support more and more awareness campaigns can be launched. At Rise of the Butterfly we have endless creative fuel… Thank you for your support in launching this mission. Once we have built momentum and our on the rise nothing will stop us: artists must be willing to create on the scale that society is destroying. These are lives we are talking about radically altering… we will open doors to freedom— this is a celebration of imagination, innovation and a willingness to light that fire in our belly's and shine. Art-Activist Unite— the time to rise is now!

In addition to Love's work in the nonprofit she is continuously showcasing in the world of fine art photography. Above is a picture of when she exhibited with Eric Franck Fine Arts in the MOMA sponsored AiPad Show. Since then Love has shown with Eric Franck Fine Art in Paris Photo in 2009 and at AIPAD in 2011. In May 2010 she showed pictures in the White House for a Haiti Flag Day Fundraiser. She has images in the diamond rooms of over 30 locations of Tiffany & Co. On Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, her pictures were showcased on six projectors at a PeaceLink Live concert, for which she is the art director. Performers include Maya Angelou and Louis Gossett Jr."

Rise of the Butterfly was born of a conversation between Layla Love & Gloria Steinem about having a positive impact on the world through combining Love's images & Steinem's words. Gloria Steinem has spent a lifetime working to better women's lives, and promote equality for all. Her work has changed the world, and will continue to do so through this effort. Instead of focusing on the inherent tragedy and fighting the system in place we seek to discover root causes and ways of creating sustainable changes in the ways we love and lust. Steinem has provided Love rights to her quotes for the purpose of merchandise, as well as supporting the creation of a stunning multimedia platform to inform and empower communities around the world in regards to the ills of sex-trafficking.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.59.39 PM.pngThese are some examples of the marketing and merchandising that can be done with Love's images and Steinem's quotes. Rise of the Butterfly will create wearable activism, making our supporters walking billboards for change. We are also working on jewelry design, posters, stickers, and other marketing methods. Love is also soon releasing a series of affirmation cards designed using her images called "She of God" that represent the female spirit.

Additionally, working with existing non-profits to directly benefit the lives of women in recovery from the human-trafficking epidemic. Love is working with Bill Gladstone of Waterside Productions to release, "Prelude to a Retrospective" a book of her own work curated by Anthony Haden-Guest that will include a chapter on Rise of the Butterfly, and will directly support the nonprofit through gallery exhibitions. Love will intertwine the goals and projects of the nonprofit through her personal work which will be increasingly present in the global artistic conversation.

Call to Action

Rise of the Butterfly is a hub for those moving through personal transformation into collective awareness, individual duties, and camaraderie therein.

Rise of the Butterfly is on a mission to bring awareness to the transformative process we are all in as we Rise together to create a world where each human being experiences the birthright to be safe to control their own body.

Specifically we are working with those recovering from being Human Trafficked_ A.K.A Modern Day Sex Slaves: There are 30 million beings in the world who need us to Rise & therein support the Rising of others. We are all affected-- freedom is something we must bring about and live together. A direct action you can take is to purchase these stickers and then share them everywhere! Take pictures of where you stick them and then tag us in them @ #riseofthebutterfly Layla believes art loses its ego when paired with purpose. We are excited to collaborate with you! Everything that we do has impact- thanks for helping spread the word & fuel our collective evolution-- with this 'Visual Aid.' May we rise & rise some more. Please contact us to get involved further: RiseoftheButterfly.com

Project Needs:

"It's more rewarding to watch money change the world than watch it accumulate" Gloria Steinem

Notes for the board and Layla about aspects of the budget:

  • Talk to Peggy about how much it will cost to do a project with Voices for Freedom and include her testimonial and support in the budget.
  • Check with rooze about doing one of a kind garments
  • Partner with already existing clothing designers for which we can infuse art and messages of meaning


Baseline goal: $81,000

This baseline will allow for the production and sales of merchandise online.

Reaching this goal will allow us to:

  • Manufacture ethically sourced and produced, environmentally friendly apparel featuring Layla's images with quotes from Gloria's memoir
  • Build a web store
  • Use 100% of profit to benefit organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls

Reaching this initial fundraising goal is paramount to achieving the impact we aim to have on women's lives worldwide. We will have created wearable art with a message, that will provide funding to better women's lives.

Once this initial goal is met, these stretch goals will maximize our impact, and launch the complete vision.

Stretch Goal 1: $110,000

Expand to a full line of merchandise, increasing the funding to beneficiary organizations.

Begin a multi-faceted visual campaign where we collect and photograph people from all over the world wearing the t-shirt and merchandise – to raise awareness and increase revenue to anti-sex trafficking organizations worldwide.

Stretch Goal 2: $140,000

Sell Outfit Equality in stores, partner with feature designers, and build a global movement.

Ultimate Goal: $200,000

Establish a permanent office in New York City.


Layla Love is donating a range of limited edition prints to fund this project, some of which will be signed by Gloria herself. Browse through the "perks" section to find a donation level and print that inspires you.

For a full list of available prints, you can visit Layla's store: Collect Love

In addition to the photographs, supporters have generously donated goods and services as "perks" for your donation!

Letter of Love:

She who controls the images controls the public mind…

What I am aiming for when I look through the lens?

To Ideally create a shift of perspective within the viewer.

One that ignites them to engage and activate their own potential as a changer maker. This ripples creating:

A shift in Global Perspective -

We are reaching out one human to the next & we are jumping in the mainstream: change has to take place everywhere-- in every room of our house, the corners of our own minds, the infrastructure of all our communities. There is work to be done my friends. However, it must be done through the arts now-- we must learn to create on larger scales than the tragedy we see flooding our lives and the world around...

It is essential to the evolution of our species and must flourish if our eARTh is to be revived.

Art Loses it's Ego when Paired with Purpose:::: Art Marks: Art Moves, Art ignites, Art educates- therein the kind of art we aim to offer will provide knowledge, and accessibility to a way of life that may seem forgotten-- to bring the viewers dreams back to life, to inspire the beauty of being again. We need art to reflect the preciousness of life.

In this world of Twitter and Snapchat we need art to be shared that has a lasting impact while addressing the impedance… we plan to yield funds along the way by bring the art and message into design and infiltrating into homes and streetwear in addition to being on gallery walls:

Let's work together! All arenas are open-- I want to work with sound & resonance, truth through all forms of storytelling-- this is a conversation-- a movement- something that is alive and vital-- as you add your voice, vision, resources and time we grow in our ability to share & illuminate. I believe we are instantly connected in this life so we may as well celebrate that-- and learn first to work with each others creative strengths-- and then to channel that into the good of those who are not currently in the same state of creative freedom as we are. We have a duty to the world to add to its bold beauty rather than to elevate life's sorrows. You are either doing one or the other: adding to the creative or destructive forces vying for center stage of this eARTh… we leave our mark-- whether choice or coerced, innate or curated-- whether free will or destiny is guiding us we all have the ability to do more and to do better-- to live more love, to live it-- this is an innovation to innovate and to rise there in. Looking forward to sharing in the co-creation with you-- Please share with me your ideas, offerings, visions, your hurt and wounds-- the lessons you have learned-- the wisdom that is born of transformation-- tell me about your butterfly nature-- lets us work together to birth the collective RIse.

With love as respect,


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