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Aashi's Hope Foundation A Project of Mila's Miracle Foundation to Stop Batten

Aashi was born on June 13th, 2012. Aashi means "smile". And true to her name, she filled our lives with smiles from the day she was born. She was a super energetic kid who met her milestones as a toddler. She was a runner, jumper, climber with tons of energy. Her little jumps on the sofa, her tiny voice full of happiness, her ability to win everyone's heart, defined the true meaning of life for us. She loved going to her swimming class, playing with her friends and family members and going to the park. She was a social butterfly and loved to say hi to everyone. One of her most favorite things to do was roam around in the aisles of Target to see all the toys.

We are proud of many things in our life, but nothing beat being parents of our little angel. We felt blessed having a daughter who gave meaning to our lives and brought us pure joy. Like any parent, we looked forward to Aashi growing into a successful, exuberant adult.

Around age three and a half, Aashi started wiggling a little while walking. This raised our concerns, which lead us to search for answers to the root cause. Within a few months, Aashi started having seizures. Initially, we were advised that Epilepsy was the cause.As time passed, we noticed that her speech and her cognitive levels also declined along with her motor skills. We feared something else more serious might be happening. As it turns out, that was the case.

At age four and a half years, after almost a year of consulting with various doctors and specialist, we received the diagnosis that she had Batten disease. Our heart sank, our life changed. Life and dreams were shattered the very moment we discovered what Batten disease could do to a child.

We pulled ourselves together, however, and decided to do something about this devastating disease. We are committed to doing everything possible to help find a cure to beat Batten!!! Help us make this happen for Aashi and other children around the world.

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- Hemaxi & Rishi, Aashi's parents

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