What do you want the most, at this moment, in your life?

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Over a decade ago an acting coach, David Zimmerman, started teaching classes for actors with and without disabilities. As he continued to teach he realized that he was the student of life. We are all the teachers and we are all the students.

"What do you want the most, at this moment, in your life?" That is the question that a group of artists were asked eight years ago during a unique acting class in Hollywood. Now, eight years later, we connect with them to see if they got what they wanted. They bare their souls and act out their most personal stories. A collection of beautifully filmed stories bound together in a celebration of life, love, laughter and tears.

Now you take a breath. Did you just do what you wanted during that breath? Are you living your life the way you want to? Are you living it to the fullest? What does a group of artists, actors, performers, dancers, singers, people who might be differently abled have in common with you? Everything. From the seed from the workshops of the masterful director/actor Corey Allen, we explore ourselves in each member of the group.

My Next Breath is a documentary that takes a journey inside the world of an intensive acting class, and finds out how the artists, with different abilities, are able to be thoroughly open enough to create from a true and sacred place inside. The documentary also shows the profound impact the workshop has had upon its participants years later and how it facilitated a powerful imprint among each of the members the group.

It is an experience with many different levels. Including the similarities and differences that we all have and how we relate to each other and ourselves.

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    It is an honor to support this film's production, no matter how small my contribution may be.
  • Silhouette
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    David Zimmerman has dreams and visions for sharing and creating avenues for many others to manifest their dreams as well. We want to share as well.
  • Robin L.
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    Wish I could have been there! SO THRILLED that ROSLYN KIND was, & I would like to make this donation in honor of her ALWAYS SPECTACULAR performance.