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Our fear comes from our lack of knowledge, this movie can educate people & help bring change

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Before watching the film, some of us have had very little knowledge of what was happening in Syria. We all hear that the government had been bombing rebels in Aleppo, and that many cities had been destroyed in a civil war. But nobody had any idea how or why the war had begun. By the end of the film, you learn who the "rebels" turned out to be. They were just ordinary civilians who had taken to the streets to peacefully protest the brutal torture of their children. Throughout the film you see firsthand how these civilian's lives were changed by the war, the fighting that they were forced into, and the brutality their own government subjected them to, simply because they asked for the most basic human rights. Human dignity and hope can prevail over extreme darkness. Pride for their country and their way of life cannot be taken away through violence and hate. The war is far from over, even though Aleppo has fallen- there are more than 5 million refugees in the Middle East just fighting to survive, who cannot yet go home. 13.5 million people in Syria are still in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Two thirds of them are women and children. They still do not have the human rights they have been fighting for since 2011. These people just want to go home but their choice is either to die in the Regime prisons from torture, ISIS hands, or under the bombs shelling by Russia and the Regime, or to flee, find shelter and try to survive. 1/3 of the refugees in Europe are Syrian and they are trying to seek shelter because of the war in their motherland. We can help them, by bringing this movie to every corner of the universe, educating people and making it eye opener to many people who fear them, or just don't know anything about this people. Together we can stop the war, by allaying pressure on the governments and same time getting elected officials see the movie. They all have family's and they all have kids. They all have hearts and can feel pain, what Syrian mothers feeling every day, by loosing their kids.

Outreach team need money to be able to make screenings and do marketing! We need your help to change the world and safe lives!

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  • Hayden C.
  • Ricardo T.
    From got to his sons
  • Silhouette
    It's unacceptable what these people is living. Specially those kids. What world are they knowing where their similar sees them as trash. Devastates me
  • Erick F.
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    Stephen King wrote, "Sometimes human places create inhuman monsters."
  • Sune S.
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    So strong a film
  • Kiara T.
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    We all need to do something!
  • Silhouette
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    I hope the people who have the power to do something about this will see this amazing film. Truly heartbreaking.
  • Christopher M.
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    A human being should not be subject to such horrors. Especially at a young age. The world needs to know their stories.
  • Nanci S.
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    Cries from Syria gives a powerful, urgent voice to the victims of unspeakable atrocities. We cannot ignore the ruthless destruction of innocent lives.
  • Jenney V.
    My heart aches for the Syrian people after watching this documentary.
  • Charlotte P.
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  • Silhouette
  • Victor A.
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    Heartbreaking... Blessings and Peace to all.
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    May God Bless Them... May God Give These Little Buds a Chance to Spread Their Fragrance...
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    Let's help the innocent people of Syria! #love