What does it take to become who you are?

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MAN MADE A Project of Creative Visions Fiscal Sponsorship

A documentary about what makes a man, set in the world of transgender male bodybuilding.

What is this?

A feature-length documentary film which follows a handful of transgender male subjects who converge at the only transgender bodybuilding competition in the world. MAN MADE is directed and written by a transman. The film is in post-production.

Who am I?

My name is T Cooper. I'm an author, journalist, TV writer, activist, and filmmaker who has been shooting MAN MADE over the last couple years. I'm currently seeking (tax-deductible!) donations to help me finish the film, the existence of which I believe can make a tangible difference in these challenging times.

Since I started researching and filming MAN MADE, the social and political climate around LGBTQ issues has shifted dramatically. Basic human rights for transpeople—such as going to the bathroom in peace; accessing medical care; attaining essential personal identification, and traveling safely and freely—are under attack and in the process of being dismantled. The net effect of this wave of discriminatory and demonizing legislation is a roadblock to our ability as transpeople to simply exist. For me and for my subjects, this rollback has been both terrifying and paralyzing, but I have to believe that continuing to tell the stories of lives like these remains the best way to step toward understanding, toward empathy, and toward racial, social and economic justice—for ALL.

It is this critical juncture of the political and personal revolution that makes MAN MADE so timely, and its messages of inclusion, acceptance, healing and humanity so vital. Like the subjects of this film, I know what's involved in making the life-altering decision to become the person you know you are. And literally to build the body you want.

This is a story unfolding from the inside looking out—not from the outside looking in. Trans stories told by a trans storyteller. As such, MAN MADE offers an extraordinary, intimate window into a subculture that speaks to larger, very current issues about sex, gender, and modern masculinity specifically. How we as a society define it. And how it's being re-defined before our eyes.

This is both a riveting competition film and a unique social justice narrative—as well as a much larger examination of how we all choose to define and reshape our lives and ourselves, figuratively and literally.

For the men of MAN MADE, it's not about winning—it's about survival.

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How you can help:

Simply: Your donation will help get MAN MADE MADE. As in, completed by the end of 2017.

*Donations to MAN MADE are 100% tax-deductible*

Where your funding will go:

-Monthly rent for equipment and editing suite through post-production (Atlanta)
-Lead editor salary

Full Disclosure (if you're still reading):

Creative Visions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fiscal sponsor that accepts donations on behalf of Man Made Films, which is why your donation to this project is fully tax-deductible. Creative Visions retains 7% of funds raised to cover their legal, accounting and administrative costs. So:

-If you donate through this website, Man Made will receive 90% of what you donate (after an additional 3% fee, which you can also opt to cover yourself at check-out, in which case Man Made would receive 93% of whatever you donate).

-If you donate directly to Creative Visions (via check), Man Made will receive 93% of what you donate. Send check written out to "Creative Visions" with "Man Made" in the memo to:

Creative Visions
ATTN: Grace Breuer
18820 PCH, Suite 201
Malibu, CA 90265

*In all cases, you will receive a receipt affirming that you made a tax-deductible donation.

-If for some reason you prefer to make a donation directly to Man Made Films (and not receive the tax deduction), Man Made will receive 100% of what you donate, and this can be accomplished through personal or business check (or PayPal, which also takes a fee). For more info on this option, please write: manmadedoc@gmail.com

For more information about fiscal sponsor Creative Visions, click HERE.

Donation Tiers:

Everybody who helps MAN MADE find its way into the world will receive undying love and appreciation. But also various (bodybuilding weight class-inspired) levels of Sponsor Credits at the end of the film ($10,000 level and above coming with a producing credit):

Super Heavyweight: $10,000

Heavyweight: $5,000

Light-heavyweight: $2,500

Middleweight: $1,000

Lightweight: $500

Bantamweight: $100

Mini Bantamweight: < $100

& ARNOLD Level: $20,000 or more

*If your business would like to become a contributing sponsor of the film, please e-mail manmadedoc@gmail.com

**A portion of the profit from MAN MADE (if there is any!) will be donated to Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

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Some stills from MAN MADE:

Thank you very much for reading this, and for your support.

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Please e-mail manmadedoc@gmail.com with any additional questions.

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