Imagine a world where consumers know the true ​environmental, social and health costs of their fashion purchases, and feel empowered to write a different story...

Beyond the Label A Project of Creative Visions Fiscal Sponsorship

EcoDivas and TEDxLA partnered to create a series called Beyond the Label (BtL) to educate consumers about the affects of their fashion purchases on: Economics, Environments & Human Health.

Beyond the Label is an educational platform for people who wear clothes and don't want to eff up the planet.

LA Beyond the Label began as a series of educational social experiments in partnership with TEDx LA to create awareness about the the 2nd largest toxic industry in the world - FASHION! We've evolved into a movement for conscious consumers who are into style, self expression and sometimes just not being naked in public.

BtL educates consumers on what to look for in a brand (transparency is key) while educating designers and brands to look for alternative ways to manufacture implementing ethical, local and healthy practices. Our educational platform connects people with solutions through books, clothing & interactive activations to answer the questions of "what to do next" once you are aware of the dire effects of the fashion industry.

We can not grow our company and #MakeShiftHappen without your support.

Here's where your generous support will go:

T-shirts for the BtL T-shirt Exchange Activations
During our interactive activations we accept gently worn T-shirts from attendees (to be collected by I:CO to be recycled into new usable goods) in exchange for a "healthy" T-shirt (with health facts graphics in the form of a "nutrition label").

Our current sustainable T-shirt partners & what they are made of:

  • MetaWear: Cradle to Cradle Certified Organic Cotton, Seaweed Dyes
  • LA Relaxed: Recover Recycled Textiles (fabric made of recycled cutting room scraps)

Development of Sustainable Shopping Guides
The Beyond the Label team is researching the fashion industry, studying consumer shopping habits, collecting designer and expert quotes and tips, and develop an educational tool for shopping.

  • Consumers Sustainable Shopping Guide - brands that don't pollute, aren't wasteful & treat workers fairly
  • Designers Sustainable Shopping Guide - sustainable fabrics, non-toxic dyes & ethical production options

Events, Education and E-commerce
The BtL Team loves to shift consumer consciousness through multiple platforms. We also love to share a variety of sustainable brands and resale shops with mass audiences through:

  • Fashion Shows, Cultural Events, Colleges Activation, Screenings of The True Cost (this is a must see!)
  • Social Media Amplification (Each event we directly affect 100s of designers and 1000s of consumers - BtL has a goal to affect 1000s of designers and 1,000,000s of consumers.)
  • Creating an online store for conscious consumers (which will also help fund our educational efforts).

Beyond the Label is run by two head unicorns: Jeanie You who runs multiple businesses and sits on Boards that make a difference for diversity, inclusion & social change and Taryn Hipwell who loves to find EcoDivas/EcoDivos around the world, create community and share what these superstars are doing in a climate of "no one cares". The rest of the team is comprised of experts in our shared passion of sustainability: Strategists, Marketing & Branding Experts, Designers, Developers, Fashion Experts and even a Scientist for the EPA.

So if you're not into being naked in public & you want to support brands that don't contribute to modern day slavery, chemical dumping and excessive waste pollution, please consider investing in Beyond the Label. We create T-shirts in partnership with brands that use the most unique eco fibers and treat their employees like the superstars they are. Being part of the solution never looked or felt so good.

We think that you will feel happy knowing that you can change lives by way of your T-shirts, socks and undies…