What's in my tee?

Beyond the Label gets consumers to look BEYOND THE LABEL and ask what a T-shirt is made of

Beyond the Label A Project of Creative Visions Fiscal Sponsorship

Taryn Hipwell, the Founder of Beyond the Label, is a thought leader and consumer engagement specialist in the realm of sustainable fashion. Beyond the Label (BtL) started as a partnership with TEDxLA to educate Angelenos about the true health, social and environmental cost of their fashion purchases. BtL is now a charitable organization that addresses the question "What's in my tee?" to encourage shoppers to consider what a T-shirt is made of.

Your pores are like teeny-tiny mouths. Whatever you put on top of them, they eat!

We can not grow our company and #MakeShiftHappen without your support.

Fashion Pollution is a huge issue. The chemicals in the making of a T-shirt and the waste disposal of a T-shirt cause unlimited problem while using up limited resources...and they pollute your body!

Did you know that simply by shopping for shift, you can be part of the solution for a healthier fashion industry as well as have a positive effect on:

  • Air pollution
  • Animal cruelty
  • Cancer, Leukemia & brain tumors
  • Modern day slavery (yes it is still happening)
  • Oil, gas and petroleum usage (transportation and synthetic fabrics)
  • Plastic pollution in the oceans - microfibers
  • Waste in landfills
  • Water pollution vs. clean drinkable water & Excessive water usage vs. water scarcity
  • Women's rights

Here's where your generous support will go:

The $16,572 will go towards the printing cost of the guidebook. And the money from the guidebook sales will cover the cost to pay for sewers on special sewing projects with students, developing workshops with multiple schools, putting on fashion shows (Like the 2nd Annual Beyond the Label Fashion Show & Tell we are about to do on Nov. 2nd), supporting the Beyond the Label team's talents and writing more guidebooks.

Development of Sustainable Shopping Guidebooks for Consumers
The Beyond the Label Team is researching the fashion industry, studying consumer shopping habits, collecting designer and expert quotes and tips, and develop an educational tool for shopping. (Set to Launch Nov. 2 at the fashion show. Yay!)

  • Consumers Sustainable Shopping Guide - brands that don't pollute, aren't wasteful & treat workers fairly
  • Designers Sustainable Shopping Guide - sustainable fabrics, non-toxic dyes & ethical production option
Events, Education and E-commerce

The Beyond the Label Team loves to shift consumer consciousness through multiple platforms. We also love to share a variety of sustainable brands and resale shops with mass audiences through:

  • What's in my tee? Campaign, presentations and T-shirt partnerships
  • Fashion Shows, Cultural Events, Colleges Activation, hosting panels in partnership with screenings of RiverBlue & The True Cost
    • Social Media Amplification (Each event we directly affect 100s of designers and 1000s of consumers - BtL has a goal to affect 1000s of designers and 1,000,000s of consumers.)
    • Creating an online store for conscious consumers
    • Partnership: MetaWear - Cradle to Cradle Certified Organic Cotton, Seaweed Dyes, GOTS certified, Made in the USA
    • Partnership: LA Relaxed - Recover Recycled Textiles (fabric made of recycled cutting room scraps), Made in Los Angeles

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