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We work on films that focus on free speech, poverty, refugees, property rights, and many other important issues!

Causeumentary A Project of Creative Visions Fiscal Sponsorship

We've seen the magic happen up close.
When powerful films change us, for the better. Their stories become a part of us - forever etched in our minds.
Our mission: That amazing moment when a captivating documentary is paired with the passion and drive of a social action cause; culture shifts, allowing true change to happen.
Not by an inch, not by a mile -- but when our behavior is forever changed. We're in this to impact hearts and minds, and develop meaningful relationships along the way.

Causeumentary partners with filmmakers to create meaningful social change and measurable outcomes because we believe we can change the culture through film. We build and execute community-focused strategies and measure the impact the film has on audiences around the world.

We specialize in leveraging social media, digital advertising and crowd-sourced platforms to amplify the core mission of the documentaries we work on.

Causeumentary is a film marketing company "where causes and documentaries meet." All donations are tax deductible.