A documentary on immigration in America

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As a US immigrant from Argentina, I've developed a successful directing career traveling around the world filming the world of action sports, so I'm often asked why I'm making a documentary film on immigration. What's the catch? I've learned through my experiences, there's always much more to one's story than meets the eye.

I was born at the height of the Argentine economy, but due to political corruption, the economy collapsed and the country broke into riots. By 2001, my family had lost it all. There was no other choice than to leave our beloved home to start a new life abroad.

When we arrived in America, my parents had obtained work visas, but they no longer had the means to send me to college. I eventually succeeded in gaining a full scholarship to USC's film school, but the rest of my family experienced a less fortunate fate.

While in the process of renewing their legal status, my family crossed paths with a lawyer who scammed them out of most of their money, did not complete the necessary paperwork, and allowed their visas to expire. When my family fell out of status, I made a promise to myself that I would expose the problems in the US immigration system so that other families did not face what my family had.

My family's struggle gave me rare access to the experiences of undocumented immigrants, a community that is otherwise extremely guarded. My personal connection to immigrants has driven me on this relentless 3 year journey to document the undocumented and show the undeniable need for immigration reform.

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