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Over the summer and fall Lorenzo DeStefano's new feature documentary "HEARING IS BELIEVING" has received rave reviews at film festivals across the country. Rachel has just returned from performing at the 32nd Havana International Jazz Festival in Cuba. What a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience THAT was! She will also be performing in the UK in July at a tribute to the late progressive rock icon, Keith Emerson, one of her musical mentors.

As we prepare for the commercial release of "Hearing is Believing" in spring 2017, through Gravitas Ventures & Foresight Releasing, I am personally reaching out to you for support. We've come such a long way since beginning production in the spring of 2014, having raised a significant amount of our funding from over 150 individuals all over the world. In order to be able to share Rachel's inspiring story with as wide an audience as possible, Hearing is Believing Productions is seeking additional release funding to make this possible.

We are able to process tax-deductible donations through our fiscal sponsor, Malibu-based non-profit Creative Visions (www.creativevisions.networkforgood.com/projects/17184-creative-visions-fiscal-sponsorship-hearing-is-believing.

Please free to contact Hearing is Believing Productions with your questions and potential interest in supporting our efforts. We're committed to sharing Rachel's inspiring story and superb music and would love to include you as part of our team.

info@hearingisbelievingfilm.com / 805 641-3845

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