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At Hidden Tears, we partner with non-profits across the country to raise consciousness through media on gender inequality, sexual abuse, and human trafficking, all of which are intrinsically connected.

We create films, series and virtual reality in collaboration with experts in the field of women's rights, gender studies and human trafficking. Some of those experts include survivors, psychologists, former FBI, CIA, SEALS, law enforcement, child advocates and much more, to tell innovative and real stories. We also host events and screenings with human rights advocates, trafficking survivors, child advocates and rescuers and we donate money from the events to our non-profit partners.

At Hidden Tears, we have completed two films, a dance film entitled Unseen Dances, in collaboration with Molly Gochman's Red Sand Project. The film has screened in LA, Chicago, Guanajuato and Mexico City. Our second film is Tanya, written by former House of Cards staff writer Sam Forman and directed by star of Chicago Fire Monica Raymund.

We are changing the way that Hollywood tells stories about women, men and human trafficking. The films and TV that we produce are not only consciously gender balanced between cast and crew, but we tell stories that reflect these dramatic realities. We additionally provide consulting services to networks, studios and other media outlets telling similar stories. Our Blog, Vlog and Podcast provides an informational hub with articles, videos and interviews with experts, survivors and advocates of these critical issues.

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