Fantastic Fungi

A film by Louie Schwartzberg

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About the Work

Fantastic Fungi is a vivid journey into a realm of nature almost unknown to us – the mysterious subterranean world of mycelium and its fruit, which we call mushrooms. This fungi threads itself into cross-branched networks that thrive beneath us nearly everywhere on the planet. It makes the soil that supports life. It's the largest single organism on Earth. And here's the oddest part: researchers believe these mycelium networks are sentient, aware of our presence, "brain-like" and perhaps even "conscious." It sounds like science fiction, but it's all fact.

Fantastic Fungi will include the some of the world's most respected voices in mycology, fungi research, invention and food, including Paul Stamets, Andrew Weil, Eugenia Bone and Michael Pollan. This film will explore mycelium's potential uses for human good, including its ability to save lives, the honeybees, our environment and reverse climate change.

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How Can You Help?

We are still raising funds to complete the film! Please support us by making a tax-deductible donation at any level. Thank you!

This film is partially funded by a grant from the Artemis Rising Foundation.

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    If each one of my blessings were sparks of money - you'd be having much.
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    We all need to watch this film! Good for us and good for the planet.
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    What a wonderful film that explores the magic and reality of nature... one we ALL need to know!
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    ViaTerra LLC is in the business of bringing mycorrhizal fungi to the people. Thanks for putting together this fantastic film! - The ViaTerra Team
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    This film is needed in this world, thank you for helping to make a difference!
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    the universe, mother nature, and I say thank you so much for your passionate devoted service. My heart is with you guys!
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    Can't wait to see the final film. The trailer is spectacular.
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    Thank you for making such an important difference for ALL of us ! Blessings and best of luck finishing the movie :-) Looking forward to see it ...
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    Thank you for making this beautiful film!
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    Thank you for making this film and for taking Paul's message and call to the larger world.
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    very good!
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    Fungi rule!
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    Another testament of mother earths unique gifts.
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    Sara and Evan Williams
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    Thank you for your work. I love to share it with my middle school students.
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    For my future mycologists son.
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    David hunter
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    Soil Security changes our climate destiny.