Through the Checkpoint

A project by Katie Archibald-Woodward

Through the Checkpoint A Project of Creative Visions Fiscal Sponsorship

Project Description

"Through the Checkpoint" is a multimedia project providing vision and voice to life lived amidst occupation, serving in partnership with the ongoing efforts to foster justice and peace for all living in the Palestinian-Israeli region by the continued call for equity, end of human rights abuses, and the pursuit of a coexistence without occupation. I will utilize still photography, video, audio, and text to provide literal and figurative examples of checkpoints in order to usher audiences into Palestinian and Jewish Israeli experiences. My hope is to help the global community gain a fuller picture of life in Israel/Palestine and compel viewers to join movements to end a dehumanizing status quo and catalyze peace and equity for Palestinians and Jewish Israelis alike.

Who I Am & Why I Am Going to Palestine/Israel

My passion and compassion for this region stem from my faith roots. Both a reverence and wonder over the land from which my Christian faith was first rooted and then sown and also a motivation to respond to the foundational message rooted at the heart of Christianity: to follow in the way of Jesus, by loving my neighbor as myself and partnering with God for the transformation of the world by working for justice, peace, freedom and the fullness of life for all people.

If you want the longer version email me ;)

Where I Went

  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
  • Beit Sahour, West Bank, Palestine
  • Hebron, West Bank, Palestine
  • Efrat Settlement, West Bank, Palestine
  • Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine
  • Aida Refugee Camp, West Bank, Palestine
  • Tent of Nations, West Bank, Palestine
  • Beit Sahour (Shepherd's Field), West Bank, Palestine
  • Qalandia Checkpoint, Israel/West Bank, Palestine
  • Zababdeh, Israel
  • Nablus, West Bank, Palestine
  • Ibillin, Israel
  • Nazareth, Israel
  • Bir'am, Israel
  • Capernaum, Israel
  • Mt. of Beatitudes, Israel
  • Saffuriya, Israel
  • Sfat, Israel: Holy City known for Jewish Mysticism
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • More TBD, stay tuned!

Who I Met With

Individuals and Organizations:

  • Dalia Landau (subject of Sandy Tolan's book The Lemon Tree), Jerusalem, Israel
  • Jean Zaru (Author and Quaker Activist), Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
  • Issa Amro (Human Rights Defender), Hebron, West Bank, Palestine
  • Yakir Englander (Kids4Peace) Jerusalem, Israel
  • Jenny Nyman (Photojournalist) Haifa, Israel
  • The Cremisan Monastery and Winery, Beit Jala, West Bank Palestine
  • Christian Peacemaker Teams, Hebron, West Bank, Palestine
  • Defense for Children International, Hebron, West Bank, Palestine
  • Wi'am, Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine
  • International Center of Bethlehem with Rana Khoury
  • UN Human Rights-Watch Organization (OCHA), Jerusalem, Israel
  • Qalandia Checkpoint, Israel/West Bank, Palestine
  • Friends' School in Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
  • Settlers living in Efrat Settlement, West Bank, Palestine
  • Family living in Ein HaShofet Kibbutz, Israel
  • Mar Elias School, Ibillin, Israel
  • And more

Where I Stayed

I stayed with a variety of people, Palestinians living in Israel and the West Bank, and Israeli Jews living in Israel and in the West Bank who made Aliya from the United States. In addition to home stays I was in guest houses and occasionally a hotel.

Where You Can See "Through The Checkpoint"

On my blog during my travels.

October 13, 2017-November 3, 2017: The Jerusalem Fund Gallery Al-Quds in Washington, D.C.
(A portion of the exhibit)

And hopefully elsewhere in between!! Want me to come present/exhibit/etc., if you bring me I will come! Have other suggestions, please let me know!

The Invitation to You!

I invite you to join me as I meet with and discover the rich stories of our Palestinian Christian and Muslim neighbors and Jewish Israeli neighbors. Together we can help make these rich and powerful stories known! One most helpful way we can partner is by your contribution toward my travel costs! As you read above, this girl's gotta eat, sleep, travel around, thank her drivers, hosts, translators, interviewees, and get her multimedia content made and shared! Big or less big, each dollar amount counts. For example, just $3 will buy me some really good falafel or a bus ride from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. I need lots of falafel and many rides, I'm traveling for 58 days. ;-)

Budget: $18,434

A Few Examples of How Your Support Helped and Helps:

  • $10 – A meal and Printing Costs
  • $25 – Driver/Translator for one day; Canon G16 camera battery
  • $30 – Photo Hospitality gifts for host families
  • $50 – Average cost of one night with a homestay or guest house; Nikon D800 battery
  • $75 – Polarizer for lens; Filter for lens
  • $90 – Average cost of one night home stay in Rome (I will be in Rome 4 nights total on either end of Palestine/Israel)
  • $100 – Transportation Within Italy
  • $190 – Housing in Tel Aviv
  • $250 – Berry College Exhibit Prints
  • $350 – Round Trip Flight from Rome to Israel Airport; Think Tank Rolling Camera bag
  • $500 – Contributes to printing and shipping costs of prints for exhibits
  • $1,000 – Cover cost of prints (I hope!) for exhibit at The Jerusalem Fund
  • $1,850 – 70-200 f/2.8 Lens
  • $2,700 – Round Trip Flights for Interfaith Peace Builders May-June Project Prep Trip
  • $Anything – Helpful!

Perks For You! (Besides supporting a great cause, of course.)

  • $1-$9 – Personalized Thank You email
  • $10-$35 – A thank you postcard
  • $36–$75– 4x6 print from "Through The Checkpoint" collection
  • $76-$150 – 8x10 print
  • $151-$300 – 11x14 print
  • $301-$450 – 11x14 and 8x10 print
  • $451-$700 – Two 11x14 prints (your choice)
  • $701-$999 – Three 8x10 prints (your choice)
  • $1,000 and up – I will give a presentation about the project to the group of your choice and personally select something for you from the region for you. Aren't you intrigued?

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