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Song of the Kalahari is an animated feature film that explores the way of life, spiritual worldview and nature-connected wisdom of the Bushmen of Southern Africa. The vision of this project is to use the power of dramatic storytelling to create positive awareness about the Bushmen and their struggles in modern times, by sharing the value, beauty and importance of mankind's most ancient culture.

In vivid animation, this story follows the Bushmen on a journey of survival, ingenuity and adventure across the breathtaking terrain of the Kalahari Desert, where the dangers of the wild and the impacts of a modernizing Africa intersect with the mythical landscape of the Bushmen ancestors and the secrets of the natural world.

Created in collaboration with a village of Nharo Bushmen who wish to share their stories and knowledge to preserve their culture and to help others, this project seeks to impart vital wisdom that has allowed humankind to successfully live for aeons on Earth, which is now in danger of being lost— an interconnected way of being and reverence for life that is just as essential to thrive in our world today.

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    I'm contributing to help you make this dream come true.
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    Happy to know of this vision and project. May it go far and wide to enlighten and connect!
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    You are doing good work in the world. Thank you
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    I love you both and wish you much success with this work. May the voices of the Kalahari Bushmen reach far and wide.
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    I hope this will help a little, Athena.
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    Wonderful project! I trust that you will be able to move forward with this project with grace and ease.
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    Wonderful project, best luck and blessings!
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    Sending this donation along with the vision of seeing this beautiful project manifesting for the highest good of all concerned.
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    Sincere gratitude to you for your devotion to the people and to the Earth.